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# 2008-06-13 by The CyberSlug | Feed icon Comments (0) | Other Stuff | Not Mine

How much advertising can you get for 72 cents?

I don’t know, but if you came here from the Million Zimbabwe Dollar Homepage then I guess I got my money’s worth…

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Area 504 Christmas Party 2007

The Drinking Club With A Sci-Fi Problem!

A dreadful Internet posting wherein are contained the sordid images
of the events of the evening. Shield your eyes.

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# 2007-12-23 by The CyberSlug | Feed icon Comments (0) | Fan Stuff

Christmas Music

I didn’t have time to make a Christmas Mixtape this year, so here are links to last years, and to this years Santastic mix from dj BC.

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A Tale Of Long Ago...

Once upon a time, or maybe twice, there was an unearthly paradise, ruled over by one known simply as “Ma Bell”. Ma was in many places at once, and she carried the words of her followers across any distance, short or long, to others of their kind. None of hers were forgotten, for there was a great book of white and yellow pages, wherein the names of the multitudes were inscribed.

In those days before the fracture, Ma Bell carried all of the words herself, and would abide no challengers before her. The faithful were not permitted ownership of the instruments of far-away speech, and woe betide any who dared meddle in the wiry affairs that wove them together. This was for the good of the people, she said, for with this firm hand came order the likes of which her successors still strive towards today.

But without others to ease her burdens, it fell upon Ma alone to provide for the many wishes of the people, be they for more glorious instruments with which to sing her praises, special services to which they could attend for greater powers, or the means by which to convey greater reach to the less-fortunate.

And so it came to pass, in the year 4 B.B., that Ma Bell did offer, in the form of the finest parchments and scribery, scrolls in which the very power could be contained, to be passed along to others, so that they might share in it and reap its benefits without fear or personal cost. In the peculiar language of the times, these were called by the name of “Big Hello”.

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No Spoilers...

just a whole lot of Harry Potter fans:

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# 2007-07-21 by The CyberSlug | Feed icon Comments (0) | Fan Stuff

Gravity Lens - "Thirteen"

This is a very old track of mine done on some of my earliest PC-based sound gear – I have a handful of these I’ll pick the best of and be posting for a while. They’re old enough to pass as 8-bit/retro/chiptunes now.

I think this piece is one of the better ones, and it has some good bass even if the drum and woodblock are chintzy.

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